For us, luxury also means humbly recognizing that there are causes to be served in order to build a better and virtuous world.


When smells can prove to be true allies in the awakening of memory and emotions, the passion of Sophie BRUNEAU, the creator, then takes all its meaning.  

Did you know that smell is the only human sense directly related to the limbic brain, seat of memory and emotions? That’s why a familiar scent is enough to instantly awaken distant memories and reactivate buried feelings. This is called Proust’s Madeleine!

Through these olfactory workshops organized by the CEW, Sophie BRUNEAU, the creator, participates every month in reactivating the memory and stimulating patients with CVA or head injuries, at the hospital of Garches.

VOLUNTEERING: olfactive rehabilitation at the hospital of Garches, neurology department

Beyond the therapeutic benefits that certain ingredients of perfumery can offer, it seems interesting to us to preserve the treasures of Nature whatever the region of the world.


At the edge of the Andes cordilla, an international solidarity mission works to safeguard endemic species, installing an irrigation and agroforestry system for a small Quechua farming community of 80 families in Bolivia. That’s the way it is in El Terrado, thanks to the Purpan Foundation, farmers and local people can maintain the cultivation of the country’s plants and wealth.

By contributing financially to this mission of solidarity, the Maison AFFINESSENCE confirms her desire to preserve the treasures of Nature, whatever the region of the world. 



Be reassured, at AFFINESSENCE we do respect IFRA 50 regulation, meaning NO tests on animals, whether on raw materials or finished products.