The Base Notes Collection


Discover the Base Notes Collection, created with 100 % Base Notes, to offer you the most intense long lasting and sensual sillages!


The result: niche fragrances as art which offer a genuine “sensual signature” ;

Multi-faceted, but above all linear,

With an infallible persistence and with a trail that stands apart from any other!

Mesmerising, full and complete excellence perfumes, with force and charisma,

…but still sensitive, even ultra-sensitive.

Carnal perfumes, with regressive notes (those notes hidden in your childhood or past memories, but which are still so familiar). Comfortable perfumes, rolled up into themselves, reassuring.

Comforting when you breathe them in, whether you bury your nose in cashmere or in a woman’s hair.

Enveloping perfumes with real animal warmth, that capture you and don’t let go.

Show-stopping perfumes, capable of provoking strong emotions… to share.

To be worn alone…

By showcasing the finest, most precious ingredients in base fragrances, AFFINESSENCE has created a new approach: “base perfumes”. Both elegant and identifiable, these form a genuine personal signature.

Like luxury underwear, these perfumes can be worn divinely on their own, as exceptional perfumes. They produce a powerful effect, with extreme sensuality and an instantly recognisable trail.

… or with others!

These perfumes are divine on both your skin and your cashmere. They can also be worn under your everyday perfume to make it even more sensual, for a brand new fragrance! You can create your own signature perfume… a truly unique, bespoke fragrance, just for you!


With a higher molecular weight, base notes are the heaviest notes in a perfume. This gives them exceptional qualities : intensity, extreme persistence, a particularly sensual warmth on the skin (and on natural fabrics such as cashmere) and incomparable trail.

Beyond their physical and chemical qualities, and being the quintessence of perfumery, base notes are those which touch us most deeply, because they resonate with our deepest egos.

If we find ourselves in “affinessence” with these notes, it’s because they form a direct affinity with our senses :

Amber, vanilla, wood or animal, these warm, rounded notes are genuine triggers for our emotions. A divine presence on our skin, comfortable and deeply reassuring, they resonate with all of our senses and all of our being.

Expressed by the Greatest Perfumers

Each fragrance in the collection illustrates the art and the talent of a perfumer, showcasing his favourite base ingredient. It was important for each perfumer to feel a total “creative affinity”. This is why each one was free to choose the base ingredient which inspired him, which resonated with him, without any constraints, even financial : I even gave them an unlimited budget!

Creative Perfumes

I wanted the perfumers to have the opportunity to create differently, away from the rules of the market where every perfume smells the same, and away from creations so timid that they no longer deserve the name. Away from the normal “benchmarks”, from the “me too” perfumes and tests (to ensure that it pleases everyone, everywhere) which so often produce the lowest common denominators … My only instructions: to create, in the most majestic and precious way possible, daring, “base-focused” and unique perfumes.


Luxurious Perfumes

I wanted these perfumes to be luxurious thanks to their ingredients, but also by the way that they are written, how they are composed : fragrances which don’t throw a thousand scents around like we see so often. I wanted purely beautiful perfumes, the result of a selection of noble and rare natural raw materials, showcased with audacity. Each one had to be imbued with a precious alter ego (such as benzoin for vanilla or agar wood for patchouli), and this duo had to be crowned with a halo of other, equally splendid ingredients.


Unprecedented and Original Perfumes

I wanted the perfumers to combine the ingredients in an unusual way. I wanted them to try new approaches, away from the diktats of conventional perfumes, leaving behind the traditional olfactory pyramids and the structures which hold up most of the perfumes on the market. By rejecting the classically developed constructions, they would dare to “forget” the top-middle-base structure, frustrate, overfill, overdose, and only retain the fullest, most direct and characterful perfumes.


Expert Perfumes

For me, the trail is a crucial factor. I wanted unforgettable trails, ones that nobody makes any more! Every perfume must be allowed to leave its signature, like the trail of a woman who passes you on the street, or the trace a man leaves in a room.

In addition to these unforgettable trails, I wanted these perfumes to instantly deliver their “base-focused” identity without remaining “crushed” onto the skin. For each one, we created the ideal volume, bringing them to a crescendo… until they burst forth!

This prowess is as much artistic as it is technical. It is reached by working meticulously, hand in hand with the perfumers, and by incorporating each ingredient one after the other in the right quantity.