The Base Notes Collection


The result: niche fragrances as art which offer a genuine “sensual signature” ;

Multi-faceted, but above all linear,

With an infallible persistence and with a trail that stands apart from any other!

Mesmerising, full and complete excellence perfumes, with force and charisma,

…but still sensitive, even ultra-sensitive.

Carnal perfumes, with regressive notes (those notes hidden in your childhood or past memories, but which are still so familiar). Comfortable perfumes, rolled up into themselves, reassuring.

Comforting when you breathe them in, whether you bury your nose in cashmere or in a woman’s hair.

Enveloping perfumes with real animal warmth, that capture you and don’t let go.

Show-stopping perfumes, capable of provoking strong emotions… to share.

To be worn alone…

By showcasing the finest, most precious ingredients in base fragrances, AFFINESSENCE has created a new approach: “base perfumes”. Both elegant and identifiable, these form a genuine personal signature.

Like luxury underwear, these perfumes can be worn divinely on their own, as exceptional perfumes. They produce a powerful effect, with extreme sensuality and an instantly recognisable trail.

… or with others!

These perfumes are divine on both your skin and your cashmere. They can also be worn under your everyday perfume to make it even more sensual, for a brand new fragrance! You can create your own signature perfume… a truly unique, bespoke fragrance, just for you!