The Top Notes Collection


Discover the Top Notes Collection, created to offer you 100 % Fresh notes lasting more than 10 hours!


Disrupting the codes of luxury once again, and working hand in hand with perfumers, AFFINESSENCE has succeeded in uniting what tradition has opposed:

FRESH and flamboyant notes, with the qualities that are the hallmark of the company’s success: INTENSITY, LONG-LASTING and EXCEPTIONAL TRAILS.

Sophie BRUNEAU, the creator of AFFINESSENCE, explains: “I have always been committed to satisfying consumers. In my 30-year career, I have always found “colognes” and fresh eaux de toilette pleasant, but despite all the promises, they have always caused consumers a certain amount of frustration: they lack intensity, and trail of course, but above all they lack long lasting persistence. Indeed, as fresh notes are the most volatile, they fade very quickly, and either the perfume is noticeably transformed olfactively, losing its identity and freshness, or it simply disappears, leaving the consumer disappointed and frustrated! It has always been a “challenge” in perfumery to create fragrances that are “fresh but long persistent”! A real expectation of consumers, as for myself… never satisfied until now!”

Thinking out of the box and thanks to new technology and new molecules, we have obtained 3 “DIAMONDS OF FRESHNESS” … a REVOLUTION in the world of perfumery!

Not only do these perfumes last on the skin for more than 10 hours, and even longer on clothes, which is new for fresh perfumes, but above all they keep their olfactory identity during all this time. Their smell does not change.

Just as diamonds reflect light, our freshness diamonds sparkle and shine with their fresh notes all day long until the evening. It’s unparalleled, never before done in perfumery, and that’s why we call it a revolution.

Treat yourself to the wonderful essences of the Top Notes Collection, choreographed in a new way,

and enjoy the unique experience of freshness and luxury combined.