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With a higher molecular weight, base notes are the heaviest notes in a perfume. This gives them exceptional qualities : intensity, extreme persistence, a particularly sensual warmth on the skin (and on natural fabrics such as cashmere) and incomparable trail.

Beyond their physical and chemical qualities, and being the quintessence of perfumery, base notes are those which touch us most deeply, because they resonate with our deepest egos.

If we find ourselves in “affinessence” with these notes, it’s because they form a direct affinity with our senses :

Amber, vanilla, wood or animal, these warm, rounded notes are genuine triggers for our emotions. A divine presence on our skin, comfortable and deeply reassuring, they resonate with all of our senses and all of our being.


Each fragrance in the collection illustrates the art and the talent of a perfumer, showcasing his favourite base ingredient.

It was important for each perfumer to feel a total “creative affinity”. This is why each one was free to choose the base ingredient which inspired him, which resonated with him, without any constraints, even financial : I even gave them an unlimited budget !