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    Base Notes Collection

    Perfume of Art, Luxurious, Different

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    The “Revolution” of Fresh Intense Essence

    Discover our “freshness diamonds"
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    Base Notes Collection

    Perfume of Art, Luxurious, Different

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    Rare Essence

    Turmeric, Exclusive AFFINESSENCE

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    Sensual Signatures

    Trail and Exceptional Long Lasting

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    Quintessence of perfumery

    Alliance of a creamy Sandalwood and Basmati Rice !

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    Pure Luxury

    Original, Precious, Spellbinding Perfumes


Discover LUXURY and INNOVATION in Niche Perfumery!

“After 30 years of perfumes creations, I decided to launch my own brand, AFFINESSENCE, convinced that being disruptive in creation, it was possible to create much more qualitative perfumes. In other words, my aim is to offer you the most exquisite luxurious perfumes, among which for sure you’ll find yours, the one you’ll adopt as your own personal original signature”.
image003.png Sophie BRUNEAU, founder of AFFINESSENCE

A 1st in perfumery history, AFFINESSENCE creates art perfumes without the typical olfactory pyramid!Created with the most precious and the rarest ingredients, our perfumes are not only luxurious and originals : they are totally “linear”. This means that our exquisite fragrances have no evolution on the skin. Your perfume signature will remain outstanding with the same luxurious facets all day long.
This is unprecedented quality.
Discover the Base Notes Collection, created with 100 % Base Notes, to offer you the most intense long lasting and sensual sillages!
Discover the Top Notes Collection, created to offer you 100 % fresh notes lasting more than 10 hours!